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Cannabis hits the Westfield—are we ready for mall weed?

A streamlined ordering process raises the question; what if all cannabis retail had it so easy?


There is a cannabis showroom in Westfield Centre. (Yes, a mall—like in Fast Times at Ridgemont High!) It is not a dispensary. There is no cannabis present in the store itself, only displays and promotional materials.

The store is called Joy Reserve, and it opened on November 14 on the mall’s second floor, right between Bloomingdales and J. Crew. It is a bright, welcoming storefront, and inside there are shelves full of cannabis brands from the Bay Area and beyond. I noticed products from Green Bee Botanicals, Clarified, Kiva, Kings Garden, Protabs, Canndescent, Kinslips, Potli, Cann, A Golden State, and quite a few more.

Several eager staffers (don’t call them budtenders!) were there to answer all my questions about the products, and there were a couple of demo stations that highlighted specific companies.

Along with each display came promotional materials, stickers and a card with pricing information and a QR code. If any of the products interest you at Joy Reserve, you can scan the appropriate code, and order it from a delivery service that will meet you just downstairs—outside of the mall, in a safe location.

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