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Who We Are

The Joy in our name represents relief and fun, whereas 'Reserve' stands for quality over quantity. We carefully test and analyze every product showcased at our storefront in order to make certain that our customer is getting the best products to suit their needs. We make it our mission to support businesses operated by those with marginalized identities - people of color, LGBTQIA+ folks, women - who have been most severely impacted by cannabis prohibition. Often these brands are the biggest innovators in the industry, so our mission serves our customers just as much as it does our brand partners.


Our primary mission as the nation’s first-ever cannabis showroom is to provide consumers with all of our knowledge and experience to ensure that the most optimal products are being purchased according to the consumer’s desired experience and dosing. While plant-based wellness is not a recent discovery, there is still plenty of need to introduce the safe use of cannabis and hemp to the lives of those who have not used such products. 


Our beautiful location inside Westfield San Francisco Centre creates a warm, friendly, low-pressure environment to explore your options in cannabis and hemp products for wellness and recreation. In addition, it is an incredible space for events, and we will be hosting an ever-growing and diversifying number of events. Send use a message, WEED like to hear from you.


Vendor? Cannabis educator? Need a private event space?  Reach out for opportunities for partnership and space rental within our flagship store in San Francisco


Event Space Use

- Comedy Show
- Art Contest


- Cook with Cannabis
- How to roll a Pre-Roll

Garnishing Soup
Image by Esteban Lopez


- Cannabis Brands
- Hemp Brands

Contact Us

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